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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Howth Malahide Election spending Scatter plot Tableau

Continuing to try out Tableau Public

This is the Howth Malahide 2009 local election spending, spend per vote.

Data in google spreadsheet form I'm not sure of all this correct is based on figures I found searching through Fingal Independent articles from. Not sure if it works either whether you immediately get who was most got most bang for their buck.

Of course the number of terms a councillor has already served, how well they're known (Peter Coyle), local political history and unpopularity of government parties all play a role, I wonder if I should weight for terms served.

I post on Politics.ie some graphs I did Manyeyes, but wasn't happy with them.

Manyeyes Election spending scatter plot

Manyeyes Election spending Bubble Chart

Obviously Tableau has more options, was particular looking for trend line and winner and losers lines, would like winners trend line.

Also the Howth and Malahide elections areas were merged at this election. see election history at electionsireland.org

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