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Saturday 5 February 2011

% of Expenditure Limit vs % of Vote 2007 Irish General Election

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2007 election expenditure - SIPO

Displayed as percentage of spending limit and percentage of vote to normalise for the different sized constituencies.

* 3 seat constituency - €30,150.00
* 4 seat constituency - €37,650.00
* 5 seat constituency - €45,200.00

2007 Election guidelines from Standards in Public Office Commission.

Google Spreadsheet data

2007 Election results on wikipedia

ElectedNot ElectedAllAll £Avg £ of ElectedAvg £ of Not ElectedAvg £ of All
Votes Avg16.84%4.86%9.19%
Spending Avg60.1%36.64%45.4%13,70722,24513,66416,790

In the spreadsheet I have the data on the public and party funding, and the percentage that makes up of the candidates expenses just looking for a good way to show that.

Also need a better way to show the average e16,790 spend by candidates.
A 2011 candidates donations and costs


Anonymous said...

What is the degree of correlation (and significance) between them?

dublinstreams said...

im not sure, the data is there, can you tell?