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Monday, 21 July 2014

TDs Oireachtas attendance 2014 January to May

google docs folder with attendance data and stats
Source of data
Deputies Attendance Publication for 31st Dáil - 1st January 2014 - 31st May 2014
Attendance record can be imperfect as sometimes TDs forget to fob in, or are on parliamentary business elsewhere, or are ill, needs to be reconciled with house record and committee attendance at end of year.

Also trying to cross check parliamentary travel with Seanad attendance record.
Oireachtas Foreign Parliamentary Travel 2014 Exhibit

I use Scraperwiki Table Extract to turn pdf into csv file but there is still alot rearranging to do.

Total number of sittings days in the period 111
Total attendance recorded for allowance purposes 120

The number of attendances may be altered for attendance reconciliation adjustments before the end of year period. The regulations provide for reconciliation for (1) ill health reasons, (2) attendance by a member abroad in the performance of his/her duties as a member or office holder, or elsewhere in the state on behalf of a committee or (3) extraordinary circumstances which the appropriate authority determines are good and sufficient and could not have been foreseen. Administrative reconciliations are recorded based on specified evidence of attendance in Leinster House.

so it counts up sitting and non-sitting attendance days (which include committee days) till both reaches 120 and then stop counting (even sitting days). Also they could be marked in even when they havn't gone to Dail.

Flextime.ie Oireachtas/Irish Parliament - Case Study
Parliamentary Standard Allowance useful as it groups Senators by distance to Oireachtas.
example of data being wrong
Parliamentary Standard Allowance Rules
Sitting and Non-sitting recorded only up to only 120 days in total, does not record ministers attendance.
Parliamentary Standard Allowance useful as it groups TDs by distance to Dail.

Percentage of TDs, recorded attendance at the Dail Jan - May 2014 click to embiggen

Percentage of TDs, recorded attendance at the Dail Jan - May 2014

Red:Non-Sitting Days(includes committees)/Blue:Sitting days.

Dail Dates Data

This tell me that average attendance on sitting days.

Sitting 67%
Sitting except Friday 72%
All weekdays not including recess 50%
All weekdays including recess 42%

Gooole Heatmap Calendar


Oireachtas Foreign Parliamentary Travel 2014 Exhibit has now been including in my data and charts in purple. Also see Election Observation Missions Exhibit, the only TD I can see involved was Eric Byrne who was election observer in Macedonia in April 2014, there not details of dates in this FOI if he legimately missed any sitting days at the Oireachtas while working as an election observer, this infomation has not been officially reconciled and is not my in my data or charts yet.

Improved viz by adding Oireachtas Foreign Travel January 2014 to 30 April 2014 FOI data.

Sittings days by distance of TD from Dail

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