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Wednesday 3 June 2015

Parliamentary Party Representatives should be able to campaign against the party's Referendum position

What is actual deal with party members going against party position on referendums, its said they can't campaign but have many spoken out on referenda have in the past.

A few Labour people spoke in favour of keeping the Seanad but maybe they didn't 'campaign', is this muddled rule hurting referendums, could Brendan Howlin not have gone on TV and radio and argued against reducing the age of presidential candidates, was he hamstrung by this rule, or did he just not care enough?

One could argue referenda non-party political aspect means its up to the people to debate the issue, but you need to be able to discuss it with its proposers, even thought the constitutional convention highlighted the issue, it was the Government ministers who chose to put forward the referendum.

Labour will not take position on presidential age referendun Mary Minihan Irish Times 15/04/2015.

The Labour Party is not taking a position on the Government-backed referendum to reduce the minimum age for presidential candidates.

So labour did not take a position but it still seems it paralised them into not campaigning one way or another on it.

Public Expenditure and Reform Minister Brendan Howlin theJournal.ie interview voting no
He said he’ll likely be voting No in the presidential age referendum, by the way – as he has “real doubts” about a 21-year-old running for president.

John McGuinness
John McGuinness 'not campaigning' so didn't break rules John McGuinness allowed to say he will vote No, Fianna Fáil says

“He has also said he is not campaigning in relation to it and that is as far as it goes.

“We as a party are advocating a Yes vote. He is being upfront and honest. He hasn’t broken any party rule in that regard.”

Olivia Mitchell
Olivia Mitchell debated the presidential candidate age referendum on radio but said 'I am not calling for a No vote, I just can’t see any reason to vote Yes.' re presref

Her arguement that she also made in the Dail during the bill debate was that you act alone as President, not so with Taoiseach who needs TDs votes.

Newstalk Breakfast debate against Brian Stanely SF Chris Donoghue Newstalk 17/04/2015

Fianna Fail/Averil Power

Why I left Fianna Fail Averil Power-on-her departure from party in her own words Independent.ie

Fianna Fáil’s approach to the marriage equality referendum was just one example of this. Marriage equality wasn’t just a personal goal of mine - it was official party policy. Fianna Fáil members voted for it at their 2012 Ard Fheis. TDs and senators are bound by the policy decisions of the Ard Fheis and so all had a responsibility to campaign for it.

Power fights back Dublin Northside People June 8, 2015

Fianna Fail Ard Fehis Clar 2012
That this Ard-Fheis recognises the right of all people in the state to have full, equal marriage rights regardless of their race, religion,gender or sexual orientaton. Clare Ógra CDC

Where in the Fianna Fail constitution does it say that means they must canvass in referendums.

The party whip applies to the Oireachtas not to referenda votes.

Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution (Marriage Equality) Bill 2015 Nobody in fianna Fail voting against the bill except for Jim Walsh who pressed amendments to it but who had already lost the whip the day before when he voted against the Children and Family Relationships Bill.

This Week RTE Radio 1 Michael Martin at 2:35.

Diveristy of Opinion

Averil Power and Fianna Fáil A letter on Lucinda Creighton strange take on why Averil Power left Fianna Fail after the Marriage Referendum.

'Diversity of opinion' not welcome in mainstream political parties - Lucinda Creighton on Averil Power's treatment Independent.ie/Radio interview?
"To my mind it sums up everything I already know about politics or at least the old political establishment, which is that diversity of opinion on really sensitive social issues, that different people have strong opinions on, that diversity of opinion is just not welcome in the old parties," Ms Creighton said.

Seanad Abolishing Referendum
Politician opposing their party on Seanad Referendum
Senator and TDs Seanad abolishing Position
10 Labour TDs going against labour positoin on Seanad abolition


Presidential age vote defeated by three to one margin Irish Times Mary Minehan Mark Hillard May 23, 2015, 10:45

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