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Sunday 1 November 2015

Seanad By-Elections 2015: Vincent Brown interviews Sinead Burke SF and Jerry Beades Ind

The Seanad Clerk and Judge review took place on Friday the 23rd of October and as far as I know all four nominations were accepted but the list of candidates still has not been uploaded to the Oireachtas website.

Vincent Browne intereview Jerry Beades Indepdendent and Sinead Burke on TV3, interview starts about 30 mins in. Tonight-with-Vincent-Browne on the 28th Oct 2015. Neither Mairia Cahill the Labour candidte or Keith Swanick the Fianna Fail candidate were on the programme.

Sinead Burke
Asked about qualifications Sinead Burke said she was a Councillor director of the Enterprise Centre in Meath and had founded a Festival on Tara.

At 37 minutes, Sinead Burke misstated Sinn Fein's position on the Abolition referendum Sinn Fein was in favour of abolition Doherty launches Sinn Féin's Seanad abolition campaign.

Vincent Browne asked whether SF ever wanted abolition she said "We were in favour of reforming it" Vincent Browne repeats himself and says I thought SF wanted it gone, she says 'no I don't think so, its was definiely reform", she said "she canvassed to save it".

Jerry Beades
Asked about qualifications Jerry Beades said that he had 30 years working in the construction sector, 'working in architecture and engineeering' as required by the Industry and Commerce panel.

Jerry Beades said he was one of the people that drafted the Construction Contracts Bill, which was enacted but hasn't been put into practice."

Construction Contracts Bill 2010 [Seanad] [PMB] Presented by Senator Feargal Quinn in 12/05/2010 it was carried forward to the next government in 2011 and finally passed by both Houses and enacted in July 2013 but is yet to be put into practice.

The main purpose of this Bill is to provide for a mechanism whereby prior notice of an intention to withhold sums from payments otherwise due must be given. Otherwise, payments must be made in full and/or the payee may suspend the provision of works and/or services under the construction contract until payment is made in full. This provision is proposed in ease of persons along the chain in the construction sector who may suffer unduly where an entity under a superior contract would find itself withholding payment unilaterally without cause. This would bear unfairly upon the payee or others dependent upon the payee.

I wonder what Jerry Beades nominators think of the Jerry Beades and the New land Leagues actions?
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Keith Swanick

Vincent Browne said Keith Swanick wasn't informed in time and couldn't get cover for his work as doctor.

He was interviewed in the Fianna Fail Party Bulletin published October 10/23/2015

Mairia Cahill

At 42 minutes Vincent Browne said Mairia Cahill is being used as battering ram by the Labour Party to embarrrass Sinn Fein.

Constitution of Ireland

7 1° Before each general election of the members of Seanad Éireann to be elected from panels of candidates, five panels of candidates shall be formed in the manner provided by law containing respectively the names of persons having knowledge and practical experience of the following interests and services, namely:–
iv Industry and Commerce, including banking, finance, accountancy, engineering and architecture;

Seanad Electoral (Panel Members) Act, 1947
the expression “the industrial and commercial panel” means the panel required by the said subsection 1° to contain the names of persons having knowledge and practical experience of the following interests and services, namely, industry and commerce, including banking, finance, accountancy, engineering, and architecture;

S.I. No. 91/1954 - Seanad Electoral (Panel Members) (Prescribed Forms) Regulations, 1954.

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