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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Tara Hill Skryne Valley Google Map

The white line marks the planned M3 tolled motorway route the green the existing N3 with the text labels marking points of interest with clickable photos. The yellow lines show the extent of Tara core complex with the red lines indicating defensive earthworks on the western boundary.The blue outline is the Tara hill core with the concentration of monuments. The red outline is the wider Kingship and Landscape of Tara researched by Conor Newman. The purple line is the old railway/alternative route.

New in browser GoogleEarth version of this map. Multiple Googlemaps of Tara and the M3 Motorway


RuairĂ­ said...

Aerial graphic is good, but I see the M3 as a white line, not a blue line as stated in the caption.

dublinstreams said...

ta fixed it,work in progress

Seamus Ryan said...

Aerial graphic is certainly helpful to us not living in the area when it comes to appreciating the proximity of the proposed M3 to the Tara Valley