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Sunday 28 October 2007

Samhain Fire and Lights at Tara Hallowe'en night

ETA: Some amazing photos of the Samhain celebrations at Tara.

A number of events have been organised for this Wednesday October 31st for the celebration of Samhain/Halloween the Celtic New Year. A good opportunity to recognise the more nature based origins of Halloween and to gather to help protect Tara. The two main events Tara Lights and Samhain Beacon fires.

CHAIN OF LIGHT - Wed 31st October - 8pm
We will be lighting beacons at Tara and it's surrounding hills. Based on an Ancient custom we ask that people join us by lighting Beacons of Support on their nearest hill and watch the horizon for fires being lit hill to hill in response. Please light your beacons in fire pits, braziers or steel barrels up off the ground so as not to damage the Land.

Remember the Ancestors at this Samhain time especially those whose graves have been destroyed by the on going M3 construction through the Valley.

Tara Light Shield- Celebrating Samhain, the Celtic New Year 31st October 2007THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED. Could be rearranged for December 22nd winter solstice with 12 spotlights around Tara.

The idea is to use high-powered 7,000 watt spot-lights, to create a light shield over the Tara Complex at the climax of the event. The shield will consist of five beams. Four beams will be located to the south, east, north and west of Tara, at historical defensive sites to Tara, which define the extent of the Tara complex; the Hill of Skryne, Rath Miles (Blundelstown); Ringlestown Rath and Rath Maeve.

Sat 3rd November -6pm GREAT BANQUETING FEAST

A torchlit Procession will be led by a group of Pipers through the Great Banqueting Hall on the Hill of Tara. There will be entertainment by Musicians, Poets and Fire Display Artists. We ask those attending to bring food to share as in times of old, as we feast in this Legendary place and enjoy the entertainment. Family Event- Alcohol Free. Please come in costume(supported by Macnas.

Further details.

Directions to Tara
CAR: Take the N3 and then turn left at the Tara signpost
BUS: Take either the Navan, Kells or Cavan bus which leave from Busarus. Ask to get off after TARA CROSS at the Lismullen bus stop and it is a short walk from there.

Lighting of the Beacons of Solidarity based on Ancient Custom. The central fire for Samhain was lit at Tlachtga (the Hill of Ward or the Hill of the Bard which is one mile east of Athboy) the burial place of the daughter of Mogh Ruith the Druid. Herself a great sorceress, Tlachtga became conflated with the Land Goddess to whom the fire was dedicated.

A map of fires and spotlights for Samhain and Tara 2007

Chain of Light beacon fires Tara Light Shield spotlights
Uisneach Tlachtga Teltown Slane Skyrne Tara Loughcrew Hill of Tara Rathmaeve Hill of Skreen Riverstown Henge Blundelstown Interchange

Please join in by lighting beacon fires at heights near you in solidarity.

Description of Samhain celebration

The public are invited to attend at 4pm at the Well on the southern slopes of the Hill of Ward and at Sunset on the Hill of Ward itself for the generation of a pure new fire spirit. We will hold a Fire Ceremony to announce the death and re-birth of the Celtic New Year. At 8pm (approx) we hope to bring this flame to Tara. This is our second Fire Ceremony and we offer an opportunity for others to light candles in lanterns to bring home the new fire spirit of the year. At about 10pm we head to Sliabh na Callighe and there we light the third Ceremonial Fire by approximately 12 o'clock.

Now Samhain doesn't actually occur on the 31st, stricter pagans would note astrological changes in calenders * we use so would say it is more around the 7th of November with the Triennial Feis celebrated for week around the time, but it still appropriate to have these public events on the 31st so as to not disturb people who feel they have a more direct connection to pagan Samhain beliefs. And if you do find around pagan there give them space if the want it. The one group I know of is led by Con Connor of Druidschool who'll be going to Tobar Tlachtga at 4pm on the Celtic New Year the 9th of November 2007

See videos of past Samhain events via Druid School
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