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Thursday 24 April 2008

New O'Connell Street Development

ETA Photos of the wooden models at archiseek. And views of Moore Street tour I posted about on Archseek, keep following the O'Connell street sorry there.

Finally after years of legal wrangling and speculation and deliberate dereliction of our national main street plans have been revealed of new mall for O'Connell street. 'Dublin Central'

RTE: The plans cover a 5.5-acre area known as Dublin Central which stretches from O'Connell Street to Moore Street and from Henry Street to Parnell Street.
See Irish Times:€1.2bn mall scheme to transform O'Connell Street area and Property Week:€1.25bn Dublin mixed-use scheme planned for details.

Another Irish Times article: €180m spent assembling 'Dublin Central' site describes how they want about buying all the building on face and behind O'Connell Street, Henry Street, Moore Street and Parnell Street.

Chartered Land are the developers who built the new Dundrum Town Centre, the refurbished Ilac Centre and Grand Canal Square and South King Centre.

New Street Layout in Green
Malls in Blue
I wanted to see how the area would look with the new streets of the Dublin Central and Arnotts development together.

Heres a Google Earth Version and a Googlemaps version. You download the Googleearth Version or view it in

Googlemaps and save it to your 'mymaps' and collaborate and add info.

And a microsoft live maps birdeye view to

to follow the walking routes through the proposed development of the streets behind O'Connell street.

Where would be without Architecture Ireland site. It has details of the Arnotts Northern Quarter development and new streets and there are also details of the Original Arnotts buildings. HKR Architects are the site developers for the 'Northern Quarter'.

Somebody has created an interesting tour of Moore street. Here's how it looks in live maps with bird's eye view.

See it in googlemaps

I can't find where you enter the kml's address so I just add it to the url in the address bar after "http://maps.live.com/?mapurl="

More Google Sketchup Buildings for Dublin

I was looking for 3D Google Sketchup buildings for Dublin I had remembered that a few were made years, but was always surprised with google having its EU headquarters here that there is not more google things for Dublin, but I found the old collection of buildings but I also found new one been worked on currently under the Dublin google Sketchup collection.I know there a good mock up of Dublin in second life, and I've seen part of Dublin recreated in 3D in an old TCD graphics department and there are plans to do a new dynamic one, but apart from laziness I figure that I never really attempted to add my own because like the TCD projects its already been done somewhere its just not put up on google.

Dublin Buildings by Domhnall

An outfit called Inshore surveys have as part of business demo show a number of well made models of dublin buildings. and also a animated preview of windmills in Sligo

Also partially complete Dublin Airport