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Friday 24 November 2017

Irish News Media Corrections Policies

Independent: corrections@independent.ie Corrections usually seperate notices not linked to article. Has press Council Notice and corrections notice.
Irish Times Has readersrep@irishtimes.com which occasionally responds to readers concerns but they don't advertise it. Has Press Council notice but no corrections policy note in paper. Mostly stealth corrections. [Time stamp shows update]
Times Ireland: feedback@thetimes.co.uk Corrections below articles and on Corrections Page Editorial Complaints Info page with complaints policy mostly refering to UK edition.
Irish Examiner: feedback@examiner.ie Has Press Council notice but no corrections policy note in paper.
theJournal.ie: Corrections form at bottom of each article. Corrections below articles.
RTE.ie News newsonline@rte.ie intermittingly replies to readers concerns.
Irish Daily Mail: Doesn't have a full Irish website. corrections@dailymail.ie Corrections usually appear on top of page 2. Has both Corrections and Press Council notice.
Sunday Business Post: Email info@sbpost.ie and editor@sbpost.ie {Need to buy paper version to check]
Irish Mirror: Complaints Policy Corrections and Clarifications. Part of the Trust Project, What it means for readers

If you notice a factual inaccuracy on the www.irishmirror.ie website that does not directly relate to you, please email ftr@mirror.co.uk
Irish Sun: Editorial complaints Corrections and Clarifications Page UK only? Has Press Council notice but no corrections policy note in paper.
Irish Daily Star Doesn't have a full website. No corrections policy note in paper.

Most papers have a Press Council notice few have their own corrections notice.

Irish TimesNoYesYesPoorNo
Times IrelandYesYesNoPoorUK?
Irish ExaminerNoYesYesPoorNo
Irish Daily MailYesYes-?No
Sunday Business Post?No-?No
Irish MirrorYesYes??Yes?
Irish SunNoNo??Yes
Irish Daily StarNoNo-?No
*In my opinion.

The Trust Project An international consortium of news organizations collaborating to use transparency to build a more trustworthy and trusted press.
Trust Project Indicators
The eight core indicators are:

Best Practices: What Are Your Standards? Who funds the news outlet? What is the outlet’s mission? Plus commitments to ethics, diverse voices, accuracy, making corrections and other standards.
Author Expertise: Who Reported This? Details about the journalist who wrote the story, including expertise and other stories they have worked on.
Type of Work: What Is This? Labels to distinguish opinion, analysis and advertiser (or sponsored) content from news reports.
Citations and References: For investigative or in-depth stories, greater access to the sources behind the facts and assertions.
Methods: Also for in-depth stories, information about why reporters chose to pursue a story and how they went about the process.
Locally Sourced? Lets people know when the story has local origin or expertise.
Diverse Voices: A newsroom’s efforts to bring in diverse perspectives.
Actionable Feedback: A newsroom’s efforts to engage the public’s help in setting coverage priorities, contributing to the reporting process, ensuring accuracy and other areas.
I think linking to availabe source documents is the most important of these trust increasing measures.

Stealth corrections: When news media make corrections without noting them.

Radio and TV corrections policies?

The Press Council/Press Ombudsman is very slow, conservative and lame and complaining to them is often self defeating, (they recently ruled that headlines don't have to be true ) Newspapers often offer a right of reply, but its not our job to do theirs properly.

Monday 20 November 2017

Terence Flanagan TD claims his office can submit parliamentary questions without his knowledge and approval

During a response to a thejournal.ie report on his using the Dail to target a water protestor Terence Flanagan TD claims his office can submit parliamentary questions without his knowledge. Fair play to thejournal reporting this core story but I think his answer deserved more scrutiny.

A TD used a Dáil question to ask if a water meter protester would have their dole cut TheJournal.ie Jun 28th 2014 Hugh O'Connell

A TD USED a parliamentary question to ask if the Department of Social Protection cuts the dole of people protesting against the government and specifically those involved in recent demonstrations against the installation of water meters.

Flanagan told this website that he did not have a vendetta against anyone,that his office – and not himself – had tabled the question and provided the information on behalf of an elderly constituent

Flanagan said he did not table the question himself, saying: “I didn’t table that personally myself, my office would have tabled that, they would have received that on behalf of a constituent who made a complaint.”

He seems to be suggesting his assistant submitted a question without his full knowledge and approval.

Here is the questions

Jobseeker's Allowance Eligibility Tuesday, 24 June 2014
Deputy Terence Flanagan asked the Minister for Social Protection Information on Joan Burton Zoom on Joan Burton the position regarding social welfare payments (details supplied); and if she will make a statement on the matter
Social Welfare Fraud Investigations Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Deputy Terence Flanagan asked the Minister for Social Protection if the social media pages of those social welfare payment recipients who are under investigation for benefit fraud or regarding concerns that they are not actively seeking work are regularly monitored by benefit fraud inspectors to assist with any investigations against them; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

His name is right there on the question, are thejournals paraphrased quotes fair and accurate?, if so is he trying to pass off his responsibilty and privilege to ask parliamentary questions to his poltical staff, the PQ was a follow up to a series of questions he asked in March Search for fraud speaker:Terence Flanagan (KildareStreet.com) were these also tabled by his office without his full knowledge and approval?

Previous cases where he asked about a specific person, indicated by the use of (details supplied). in 2011

Fines Administration: Terence Flangan PQ 27 May 2014