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Friday 18 July 2014

Local Election candidates not using their home address in the notice of poll not for privacy but to obscure that they don't live in the area.

Local election candidates not using home address in notice of poll not for privacy bt to obscure they don't live in ward http://dublinstreams.blogspot.ie/2014/07/local-election-candidates-not-using.html

I noted during the 2014 local elections candidates (mostly incumbent councillors) for the Dublin City listing their address as the City Hall in the official Notice of Poll. now some could suggest this is because the councillor/candidate wants to protect the privacy of his family home, but most of the people that listed City Hall don't live within the local electoral area or even Council area they were running for, so its more likley they are using it to obscure that fact. Another lists his local party's constituency office but then his home address is listed in the SIPO donor registered a few months later. Another may have listed his work address so as not to clash with the area his party colleague was based in even though he did live within the LEA.

I think a rule should be put that you have to put your own home address down to stand for elections, candidates give up some privacy when they want to become a politician, anything else is dishonest.

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