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Sunday 27 September 2015

Independents Together

Irish Citizens Party Founded in May of 2012

Jim Connolly engaged in discussion about ICP on politics.ie in 2012.

Independents Together formerly the irish citizens party IrishCitizensParty

Independents Together (formerly Irish Citizens Party) Synopsis of social and economic policies | irishcitizensparty

IT will act as an umbrella for Independent candidates on issues, such as, a better health service, urban disadvantage, unemployed, equality in education, negative equity victims, rural issues, disabilities, small and medium business enterprises, Banking, protecting our constitution, etc. Candidates representing general issues are also welcome. IT is not hung up on political ideologies of left, right or centre.

Founding document Irish Citizens Party Páirtí Saoránaigh na hÉireann love of humanity; love of country.

irishcitizensparty.wordpress.comPost now here

Jim Connolly
Founder Rural Resettlement Ireland
Secretary of the Irish Rural Dwellers Association (IRDA)
Ran for Labour in 1999 in Kilrush and as Independent in 2011 in Clare, not elected either time.
Jim's track record in the voluntary sector also includes founding the charity Rural Resettlement Ireland in 1990 (still in operation) which has helped over 760 urban families to move to the West. Declan Mac Partlin, another founding member of the IRDA who was later elected as an Independent to Wexford Co Council.
Independents Together Waterford Today

First meeting Clare 18th Sept 2012

Luke Ming Flanagan TD spoke at meeting Ennis on Thur next 4th Oct 2012

Independents Together
Independents Together founding document the same as the one above with different branding?

Left-wing Independent TDs to discuss forming umbrella group Irish Times Fiach Kelly Feb 7, 2014

facebook/IndependentsTogether since 24 November 2014

Independents Together formerly Irish citizens party synopsis of social and economic policies

Whistleblower Wilson joins non-party political groupingIrish Times Dan Danaher March 21, 2014.
Mr Wilson made his pledge to join Independents Together at a meeting in Athlone on Saturday, organised by Independent TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan.

The group’s founder, Jim Connolly, said he was delighted with Mr Wilson’s decision.
Tuam councillor [Sean Canney] joins national alliance established by Michael Fitzmaurice Connacht Tribune Dec 16, 2014
‘Independents Together’ has been established by Roscommon South Leitrim TD and former Galway County Councillor, Michael Fitzmaurice.
(Michael Fitzmaurice later founded the Independent Alliance March 2015 which Sean Canney joined in June 29, 2015)

Press Conference Dublin 6th May 2014 Launched by John Wilson.

Garda whistleblower John Wilson launches support group for Independent candidates Irish Times Rachel Flaherty May 7, 2014

John Wilson is on Luke Ming Flanagan's MEP replacement list.

About Independents Together
Independents Together is a voluntary non-party organisation set up to encourage ordinary people from all walks of life to run as independent candidates in all counties.

The only way to break the disastrous cycle of Civil War politics and return power to the people who pay the bills, is to see as many independents as possible elected to Councils and to the Dáil.

Independents Together (the organisation) does not subscribe to political ideologies of left, right or centre.
Independents Together candidates shall uphold basic principles, such as, a commitment to democracy, accountability, equality, transparency and to fundamental humanitarian principles which put the quality of life of every citizen as a top priority.
Anti-pylon candidates, anti-fracking candidates as well as all other sectors and groups who feel powerless to influence decisions which directly affect their lives are encouraged to put forward candidates.
All major problems in Ireland are political at their core and the only solutions have to be political ones.
We call on voters to elect independent candidates in large numbers and put control of Government spending in the hands of the people who pay the taxes.
If elected, Independents Together candidates retain their independent status and are answerable and accountable only to the electorate and not to any party or organisation.
Mick Wallace to address Independents Together meeting in Ennis The Clare Herald Mark Dunphy - May 1, 2014

Post Local Elections
Calling Independent Councillors From Jim Connolly, Acting Secretary of Independents Together 2014/07/07

Meeting 24 July 2014, Mallow, Guest speaker Cllr Guss O'Connell

Galway’s participation in new political grouping rises to nine councillors Galway Bay FM Jan 26, 2015
councillors Tom Welby – Group Secretary, Connemara area councillor Joe Folan – Irish Officer; Tuam area councillors Sean Canney, Shaun Cunniffe and Des Joyce; Loughrea area councillor Pat Hynes and Ballinasloe area councillor Tim Broderick – Treasurer.Meanwhile Oranmore/Athenry area councillor James Charity and Tuam area councillor Karey McHugh also announced thier membership

Councillor James Charity later joined and quit Renua

Tom Welby is Secretary Jan 26, 2015

50 councillors?

Closer to 10.


Read Geoff Shorts blog to learn what strange things the Girl against flouride believes in

Councillor Breda Gardner

Breda Gardner is Kilkenny County Councillor, who campaign was based on opposition to a road (and bridge) being built through Kilkenny City Breda Garder Homeopathy, Iridology and Muscle Testing I think Homoeopaths consciously or unconsciously take advantage of desperate people.
Councillor Breda Gardner is on the South Regional Health Forum although the forum has no power.
Breda Gardner asking for holistic therapies in HSE
HSE Regional Health Forum South

Cllr Gardner asked if holistic therapies and orthodox medicine could work together and if the HSE could take positive action to empower people to heal themselves.

In response Ms. Lanigan advised that health options are a personal choice and if attending a GP or being treated in hospital, patients will generally follow the clinical advice given, including the medication prescribed.

Independents Together supported Breda Gardner in her 2015 Carlow Kilkenny by-election campaign
Independent Senator Gerard Craughwell supported her and spoke at her launch although he is now associated with the Independent Alliance.

Walter Lacey Carlow Councillor.

Independents Together Independents Together Principles agreed by candidates

Independents Together Limited
Independents Together Limited was set up on Fri the 20th of Mar 2015 in Co. Galway, C/O Thomas Welby Directors Christy Hyland Nicholas Crossan.

Independent Together associated candidates
For the 2014 Local elections I found 16 potential candidates, 4 didn't run, 2 didn't win, 10 did win, only one was a first timer.
Google spreadsheet with the help Elections Ireland
Sheet3 shows the overlap between Independents Together, Independents Network and Independents Alliance.
April 2014 17 candidates spread over nine counties.
May 2014 13 candidates
Jan 2015 national figure ~27

Noel bidding to snap up votes A photographer, Loop Head community activist was to run but was away when he needed to hand in his forms.

Independent power Dundalk Democrat
7 county councillors sign up to new independent grouping Connacht Tribune Jan 26, 2015
Non-Party candidates for the 2014 local elections AdrianKavanagh.org
Councillor Nicholas Crossan is chairperson of ‘Independents Together Derry Journal 26 January 2015 Laura Glenn

Tommy Broughan
Tommy Broughan from his latest newsletter the Northsider 11/09/2015
As an Independent, and a recently affiliated member of ‘Independents Together’, I welcome submissions and ideas from constituents and/or community organisations working with vulnerable and marginalised groups to assist in shaping my forthcoming core policies.

I am asked Tommy Broughan what Independents Together was and he said
"Independents Together is a group of Independent councillors from around the country who are not part of any other alliance. They approached me earlier this year about joining them and explained that they hope to support Independent candidates in the forthcoming Dáil and Seanad Elections. The Councillors I met would be generally supportive of the core policies I have outlined over the past 4 years including an end to austerity, fair fiscal policy and a major public housing programme."
I live in Dublin North East soon to be Dublin North Bay, I've voted for Tommy Broughan before I may to reconsider my vote.

Independents Groupings
They were a couple of other Independent groupings in recent years.

Independents Network

Independents Network was active in the run up to the 2014 local elections.

The Independents’ Network aims to encourage and assist independents to contest at Local Government level in order to capture the energy of the large numbers of people who are very active at a community level and who can bring those community values into the political arena.

The Network is envisaged as a platform where independent politicians and candidates can come together on the basis of shared principles; Equality, Democracy, Community, Sustainability, Solidarity and Human Rights, and cooperate, where appropriate, to bring about change in the political status quo. These principles are laid down in the Networks’ guiding document ‘Independent Thought –United Vision’ which came about as a result of collaboration between Independent TDs Catherine Murphy, John Halligan and Thomas Pringle. Recently, they have been joined by fellow independent TDs Maureen O’Sullivan and Finian McGrath (Patrick Nulty) until he resignedand together the five TDs have worked to bring the movement to its official launch.

Marian Harkin MEP was also involved in the Independents Network and now the Independents Alliance replacements for her European seat she retained in 2014 is Thomas Welby and Tim Broderick who were associated with Independents Together.

Representatives featured on www.independentsnetwork.org have signed up to the principles of Equality, Democracy, Solidarity, Sustainability, Community and Human Rights, as set out in Independent Thought - United Vision. Inclusion on this website is not an endorsement by other featured representatives or the Independents' Network.
Six TDs and one MEP launch new political network for independents Thejournal.ie Christina Finn March 14th 2014

Left-wing independent TDs hold seminar today Sept 20th 2014 thejournal.ie Hugh O'Connell

The Independents’ Network, a loose alliance of non-party candidates, saw nineteen of its 36 members – two MEPs and seventeen councillors – elected at the last local and European elections.


Left-wing Independent TDs to discuss forming umbrella group Irish Times Fiach Kelly Feb 7, 2014
Deputies to consider draft charter setting out potential direction and principles
Tommy Broughan: said he welcomed the document and was considering it

Independent thought United vision

Independents Network archive TheJournal.ie

Independent Alliance

Michael Fitzmaurice TD and Councillor Sean Canney were in the Independents Together are in Independents Alliance.

Group of Independents publish agreed principles and priorities 30 March 2015 RTE.ie

At least 22 Independent Alliance candidates to run in general election Irish Times Sep 20, 2015, Fiona Gartland

Independent Alliance Statement and Principals and Priorities
Independents Alliance politics.ie thread.


Independents Together, Networks, Movements, Unions or Parties?