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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Irish OpenSpending research

this is research for the possiblilty of Irish gov spending data, not that i have or could do it myself :/ this was originally written as email apologies for the poor formatting, pls comment to ask for clarification

Ok that's this info
yes they are improving their formatting

Aiden Kane and Hugh Sheehy had already been doing some work here

I have been gathering links here http://bitly.com/igUg8U looking at
the CSO Household Budget and Survey and Income and Living but only
finding reports from 2004/5 and 2009

Open spending and WDMMG are working towards what they call Spending
Stories to make large financial figures more meaningful to people such
as this Daily Bread interactive infographic.

the UK people were quite lucky to get this table that laid out average
persons outgoings by decile all in one go,

Don't know if find all the pieces for an Irish equivalent..., that's
what i need to find now.


the source
code is available
I reference this link in my two emails but it is dead
table 14 is the basis of the daily bread viz ,it is now at
if you need to find the equivalent Irish figures, I sought out as many
as I could to fill in this formula


Department of Public Expenditure & Reform - Databank http://databank.per.gov.ie/
only goes two levels deep and isn't detailed enough to start to
recreate the spending tree maps, the next level of details are still
in horribly formatted, long and complicated pdfs.

ok I'll detail which figures are needed for the Daily bread Gov
spending by department vs Income Viz

its the flashy front to the openspending
http://openspending.org/dataset/cra line by line spending data,(
technical details http://wiki.openspending.org/Main_Page , where
treemaps are the better representation of data along with tables

These figures look like it was difficult for the UK gov to gather* I
know its a long shot but one can only search and ask, and keep an eye
out for when and if the figures are calculated.

Their calculator
requires, by decile

# Row 1 is average gross income per decile - including benefits,
pensions etc (Irish figures SILC 2009
table 1.5 )
# Row 2 is average direct taxation - income tax, employee NI and
council tax (Irish figures SILC 2009
table 1.5 )
# Row 3 is average total indirect taxation MINUS VAT, tobacco,
alcohol, & car costs (Irish figures ?) https://www.google.ie/search?hl=en&q=Indirect+Tax+as+a+Percentage+of+Gross+income+by+Decile+(Source%3A+NERI).&gws_rd=ssl
# Row 4 is average total VAT paid (Irish figures ?)

viz does not use figures below yet but would make the viz more
accurate for lower incomes if they included

# Row 5 is average total tobacco tax paid (Irish figures ?)
# Row 6 is average total alcohol tax (beer, cider, wine & spirits)
paid (Irish figures ?)
# Row 7 is average total car-related costs (petrol & car tax) (Irish figures ?)

# We connect the data points by linear interpolation.

the UK designers of WWDMMG got their figures from

National statistics for tax paid per household income decile, 2008/9.
Table 14 in http://www.statistics.gov.uk/CCI/article.asp?ID=2440
*discussion of methodology is in 'Data sources' section on p.4 onwards

Here WWDMG discusses the figures

I tried to compare these UK figures to Ireland to point out
differences and similarities
and calculate results.

here is the js versions dailybread of
https://github.com/okfn/openspendingjs/tree/master/app replacing a few
urls should get some of these working if you copy them onto your own
server, Rufus Pollack is the genius behind it all, at
http://www.openspending.org and http://wheredoesmymoneygo.org/

indirect taxes 2012 http://www.finance.gov.ie/documents/exchequerstatements/2012/Taxprofile.pdf