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Friday 4 January 2008

John O'Shea, supposed humanitarian again calls for military intervention first.

John O'Shea goes off on another solo run and rather then call for political action, calls for military intervention. Ahern dismisses calls for EU intervention in Kenya.

There no statement on the goal website about advocating this so again it was during one of his ill-considered rants on the radio. that he asks where are the EU Battlegroups, NATO, or the UN peace-keepers?

ETA: I see he got a letter into the Irish Times too saying the same, it almost automatic at this stage the same letters are published from him every other week.

Why is the violence and deaths in Kenya the problem and fault of the EU? Is it not for stablishment there to try to calm first. All the international countries, AU, EU, US, are urging a political solution and sending political envoys meanwhile John O'Shea calls for troops! Even if he just trying to make some sort of rhetorical point, its still idiotic and dangerous talk.

Goal was organising for its workers and their families to leave Kenya. While Trocaire and Concern workers are staying put for the moment."(The Concern rep. on RTE Radio describes a calmer situation.) An Irish missionary criticised the pull out as 'imprudent and shameful' and as a betrayal to the displaced Kenyans.

I'm sure the ethic violence in the slums and the burning of houses in the country, as well as the number of deaths in the church etc was very alarming but I can't find anyone else calling for military intervention in one of Africa's most relatively lengthy and stable democracies.

Both sides have accused each other of genocide. It was anti-government people who burnt the church and caused the largest number of deaths, and burned government aligned Kikuyu houses outside the town the deaths in the slums involved police shooting at poor youth and armed gangs taking an opportunity to revolt. It may be tribal, class, political and ethnic violence but no one is trying to wipe out a whole people as in genocide...O'Shea is at least right in saying there are no goodies in this. What would happens if troops went there next week and kept the sides apart, it may spare a number of deaths but it would also solidify the governments position, a government who has been accused of stealing an election.

Although he may well have barely won the election, most of Kibaki's cabinet were not re-elected and he lost a lot of support when a major constitutional referendum in 2005 wasn't passed, he has continued with a split and corrupt government ever since but it doesn't seem that the opposition has overwhelming support either with only a few thousands youths coming out to protest for Odinga's own million man march, even with the fierce repression in Nairobi and live TV cut off you would expect more. I just don't know who's safety he is most concerned for. Although tribal preferences may split loyalties in the police and army, they are trying now to protect those who homes were burned and are clearing the roads to get food moving. I'm not claiming to be an expert on Kenya but I'm just trying to read and write a few things to get a very basic handle on the situation and figure out John O'Shea bizarre behaviour.

Well after watching him on Late Late a while back I tried to figure the guy out. Rogue charity maniac.

Here's a article on Kenya in todays SBP, giving more background on Kenya's corruption, even though he is cited as journalist who has worked for Goal he suggests potential 'empty tourist hotels' are the best leverage the west has, he warns against loose language and he calls military intervention highly unlikely. Maybe he should talk to his boss, but he seems to be just an echo chamber for J'OS, most of articles just quote him and he also seems to be a bit of a bland military fetishist too writing for the International Security Network.

The Eureferendum blog also comments on John O'Shea optimism on the speed of international action.

I had a thought last week until I checked that the Orange Democratic movement opposition was trying to ape the western funded orange revolutionary movements in Georgia in Ukraine especially when I heard Odinga described as a business man, but it actually to do with the symbols used to denote the yes and no sides of the referendum in 2005 for the illiterates in Kenya. It seems Kibaki is still Washington's man.

BTW and PS: Poor Judge of character

John O'Shea shows his lack of judgment again by associating Goal with the most vapid person he could find. After the truly unfortunate death of young Katy French he was among those to praise her beyond her worth.

After she went to see the poverty in Calcutta she claimed to have changed her world view, but clearly had not if we look at her continued flaunting of vulgar wealth and indulgences in alcohol and other substances.

Ms French had also recently visited Calcutta at the request of the Irish charity GOAL, and had left an "indelible impression", according to its chief executive, John O'Shea.