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Tuesday 22 May 2018

Irish newspapers have no accountability as Press Ombudsman won't tackle fake news in member newspapers.

The Irish Independent's Kevin Doyle misparaphrased Darragh O'Brien Fianna Fail TD and former foreign affairs spokesperson by suggesting he said 'Russian jets have entered Irish airspace' in his article titiled Ireland is now a fully-fledged participant in 'modern Cold War' as Varadkar says we can't be neutral (March 28 2018) he actually said "Irish-controlled airspace" see the transcript video at 4hr 56m. Its worth making the distinction between 'Irish airspace' and 'international airspace', that Irish air traffic control helps to manage traffic in. If one is treating this issue with seriousness it deserves, this needs to be reported accurately.

The Independent said Daragh O'Brien said Irish airspace.
Daragh O'Brien said Irish-controlled airspace, which isn't all Irish airspace

I have got a similar mistake corrected in the Sunday Business Post, RTE and the Irish Times, I complained to the Press Ombudsman about it after the Independent didn't reply, the Ombudsman rejected it on the basis it didn't personally affect me even I though I genuinely feel my safety and security is jeopardized by this inaccurate and thus inflammatory misreporting.

The Independent published something that isn't true, has been informed it isn't true, so is publishing something which its know not to be true, which is the definition of fake news, The Independent is publishing fake news and the Press Ombudsman won't do anything about it.

There is no accountability in Ireland for Irish newspapers.

ETA: I informed Darragh O'Brien TD about this and asked him to contact the Independent to get a correction made, he hasn't, he obviously didn't take his job as foreign affairs spokesperson seriously.

ETA: A journalist told me that newspapers do have accoutability because you can just stop buying newspapers if you think they publish news that is fake, but 1. I don't buy the Independent I read it onine if I do read it, and 2. How many people actually knew the above was false news, in order for it to effect anybodies purchasing habits? and for those purchasing choices to affect the paper.

Previously If 'genuine' news orgs don't address or correct their mistakes then they are fake news.