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Thursday 7 December 2017

Election candidates who put TD on their poster after the dissolution of the Dail

Many political candidates use the suffix TD after their name on posters even though posters are only allowed to put up after the disollution of the Dail when they are no longer TDs.

No authority wants to regulate this.

via irishelectionliterature.com

Lobbying Register

When an election is called, TDs cease to be TDs

No mention of it in the Dissolution guidelines.

No mention of it in electoral law, Electoral Act 1992

No mention of it in the Standard in Public office commission election guidelines.

SIPO told me its nothing to do with them. The oireachtas Commission didn't respond to my queries on it.

House of Oireachtas Commission refers to them as 'Outgoing Deputies' in an old Use of facilities guideline.

There are laws about lying about a candidate during an election but no about candidates lying.

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