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Saturday 19 January 2013

Irish legislation flow chart

Want to trace the steps from green paper, to oireachtas stages, to presidential signature to statutory order.This oireachtas guide is pretty good, but its a bit hard to read with so many sub clauses. Basically bills go through 5 stages in the first mostly starting in the Dail and then repeating the steps in the second house the Seanad.

I started a bundle of links here http://bitly.com/n8o6OC

If you know of any others guides that are already written that would be great. I have a rough flow chart

The oireachtas produced this video to explain it

Other guides

Citizen's information guide

Explainer: How does a Bill become a law? by Gavan Reilly of thejournal.ie. He makes the point that during the seanad leg the committee stage is held in the seanad allowing all senators to suggest amendment allowing a wider field of input this is difference between the seanad and dail along with how they are elected.

Legislative Process Ireland via National youth Council

A guide to legislation by EP consutling

Im sure there some obvious mistakes you can point out, aim to get something thats looks as good as mikewirthart how laws are made infographic


I want to point out the stages, vote points, kill and delay points and where inputs can be made.

I like to do it in public so then others can answer and if you respond there, then it might get others to respond and get it done quicker.

heres is an editable version of the oireachtas guide, which I want to use to as public doc to ask questions in the side notes that you and others can answer. (no login needed.)

I had put together something to show the spread of legislation in the last government Irish legislation exhibit

and some rough bar charts to show how long each section takes on average google doc of legislation time in the 30th Dail based on enacted pieces legislation

and showing the days each bill took in the 30th Dail an interactive version (source)which you can choose by house and department

Legislation by Department Timeline with Google Timeline

Green and White Papers that led to these laws.

A follow up to my Irish government legislation exhibit

Government publishes Programme of Dáil Reform September 2013
Pre-Legislative Stage to develop legislation before bills are drafted if Seanad is abolished.

dail-reform-announced-by-the-government more detail.

Dail Reform Legislative Flow Chart

Cabinet handbook

Dail Reform 2014