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Monday 17 March 2014

FixYourStreet.ie errors SDCC refuses to fix

I presume http://www.fixyourstreet.ie/ website is still being run by SDCC staff on behalf of the other councils as they set it up

I've emailed the people responsible over the last 2 years asking for the problems to be fixed, they seem to have gotten the resources to build it but no more to fix problems with it. they said they'd upgrade it 'in few weeks' in October https://twitter.com/FixYourStreet/status/393294212206059520 and 'in a few weeks' in December https://twitter.com/lostexpectation/status/410807640097173504

I got email via Dermot Looney saying they would upgrade to 2.5 in the comming weeks.
http://www.fixyourstreet.ie/api?task=version still not done Autumn 2016.

Report links in Email
the email alerts still have no link back to the report on the website so you can see it in place and the response, I managed to add a email link in a ushahidi install code myself with no problem so they must be able to do so too.

Cllr May Mckeown wants to be informed of incidents in her area see video http://www.fingalcoco.public-i.tv/core/share/open/webcast/0/0/560/115776/115776/webcast/start_time/5402000

I would like to recommend the 5km circle 'Get Alerts' feature to May Mckeown but the email alerts still have no link back to the report on the website, which makes it a much less useful a feature, then it could be. ( I emailed her this suggestion but can't really recommmend it to councillors without the link in the email to the reports)

Update 2016 Done in January 2016

You can review this report including future updates at the following link:


If the link above isn't clickable then simply copy and paste it into your web browser's address bar. Should you no longer wish to receive email alerts then follow the instructions at the bottom of this email


in the version of ushahidi fixyourstreet is using the comment api call doesn't work ( though its supposed to) see http://forums.ushahidi.com/forums/topic/comment-api-trouble/#post-4914

they promised to upgrade to fix this a year ago http://twitter.com/FixYourStreet/status/276699927185334272

Still not done Autumn 2016.

the timeline on the frontpage has stuck on wrong month since the start, there's a fix for that http://community.ushahidi.com/index.php/plugins/plugin/timespan put it too last 30 days for eg Update 2016 shows last 30 days not selecteable though :/


the times of the reports seem to be in future, its 18:03pm March 03 now and theres a report up for http://www.fixyourstreet.ie/reports/view/19302 23:56 Mar 03, 2014 in the future, as are the others each day as they're approved

they promised to fix this a year ago http://twitter.com/FixYourStreet/status/276700550752518144

Update 2016 possibly fixed

also want to download reports in csv format using this plugin https://github.com/rjmackay/Ushahidi-plugin-downloadreports to be able to re-upload to separate install of ushahidi for analysis or for other analysis the api doesn't allow to download all reports

not added but tried using api

i acknowledge the work they've done to set this up and get it to work with all the different councils and their systems, but I cannot accept them not fixing these things, I've been following this for years cheerleading various version of the mysociety fixmystreet idea and tried to contribute by spotting bugs and by trying some analysis of the incidents but can't really do so with out the responses included in the public api http://dublinstreams.blogspot.ie/2013/04/the-fix-your-street-effect.html

2016 bugs

Reports icons not declustering on frontpage map.