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Monday 5 March 2018

Did Independent reporter tell Christy Dignam that the article she was interviewing him for was commissioned by the government unit he had critcised in her previous interview with him?

Dignam says he was duped into government advertorial Sunday Business Post Hugh O'Connell Mar 4, 2018

Christy Dignam has criticised the use of his comments in a government-sponsored newspaper ad as “totally out of order”, saying it was done without his knowledge.
Do they feel no shame, asks Aslan singer over state ads Justine McCarthy and Mark Tighe March 4 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday Times.
I only found out on Tuesday that it was an advertisement for the government... I was used. If I’d been told it was an advertorial, I wouldn’t have done it.”
Fantastic Finglas can only get even better with new luas link – Christy
Laura Lynott February 22 2018
Even though the newspapers got an interview with Christy Dignam confirming from his point of view he wasn't told the interview was for an NDP ad, they missed that the same person had reported Christy Dignam criticising the communications unit that commissioned the article on the NDP.

'Leo's propaganda millions should be used to help homeless' - Christy Laura Lynott – 21 November 2017
"The Government have their finger up their arse, they talk the big talk and they have a €5m propaganda team to do that but would that money not be better put into actually helping solve the homeless crisis?

Need her to confirm or deny she didn't tell Christy Dignam that his quotes would be used in an advertorial comissioned by government department he had critcised in previous interview.