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Friday 23 October 2009

The 3rd Bayside Shopping Centre re-development proposal

Yet another planning application F15A/0436 on 26/01/2016. Another new planning application after May 2015 one withdrawn, this one is F15A/0436 applied for 18th September
Bayside Shopping Centre, Bayside F15A/0436
see Miscellaneous Correspondence 00504933 for best views of new Sept 2015 plan

new 2015 planing application Ref F15A/0206
See these documents for best views of new 2015 plan

Architectural Design Statement
Site Location Map

Seems they have withdrawn application in July due to traffic/parking issues.

Some leaflets from the Bayside Shopping Centre Management and the local residents arrived for the 3rd new proposal for the Bayside Shopping Centre redevelopement. The first two proposals were refused in 2007 and 2008.

The current shops. The development involves retail, 62 apartments, an underground carpark, services. Planning number is F09A/0522 Search for it the Fingal planning website

To quote the two Bayside Centre Management leaflets.

We are in agreement that the existing square and associated shops/ buildings need to be redeveloped in full as its has become run down, dilapidated and detracts from the Bayside/Sutton Park area.
Who is responsible for the rundown dilapidated Bayside Shopping Centre?
Failure to achieve a satisfactory planning application with your support will inevitably lead to the further disuse of retail units and dilapidation of the existing centre in the future and we believe that it is in nobodies interest for this to happen.
Who is responsible for the disused units and dilapidated Bayside Shopping Centre?
This is an opportunity to finally replace the current dilapidated and run down centre with a new vibrant and modern facility which will enhance the whole area.
Who is responsible for the run down and dilapidated Bayside Shopping Centre?
We the retailers of the Bayside Shopping Centre, feel that if this one fails there will be neither be the funds nor the appetite to try again for many years to come and the existing centre will continue to deteriorate.
Who responsible for the deterioration of the Bayside Shopping Centre?
Existing Centre: Derelict Squash Court
Who responsible for the derelict squash court?

The answer to all those questions is the Bayside Centre Management, so they should stop trying to blame it on the locals.

Here are the leaflets. More later.

Bayside residents meeting recap of objections

The Study the BCM refers too is the Bayside Urban Development Framework Which somehow manages not to mention the phrase '5 storeys' in its report while recommending such 'focal buildings'.

The contact for the Bayside management is Baysidesquare@gmail.com

News article from the Dublin Northside People with quotes from residents, councillors and the developers.