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Tuesday 6 July 2010

Irish Political Parties numbers of TDs in Dail Google Fusion Time Series

View it better wider at Google Fusion Tables

Select the handles at either end of the bottom bar to zoom into a particular time period. Full Names for initialed parties below.

Luckily all the data I needed was presented in this wikipedia table, h/t to whoever contributed that info, User:Phil_Nolte? and User:Snappy.

This time series is much Better then ManyEyes Stack chart I blogged last night.

It positions the years properly,shows you the party numbers at the key points, you can select the governments, I like it Shows CnaG trailing off and then Fine Gael picking up the line a few years later. Like to have it shaded in and with percentages, I now have all the info and will make that later along with making a timeplot for more customization.

Fianna FáilFF
Fine GaelFG
Labour Party (Ireland)Lab
Sinn Féin (Pro-Treaty)" SF (Pro)
Sinn Féin (Anti-Treaty)" SF (Anti)
Cumann na nGaedhaelCnaG
Farmers' Party (Ireland)FP
Sinn FéinSF
Business and Professional GroupBPG
National League PartyNL
Irish Worker LeagueIWL
National Centre Party (Ireland)NCP
Clann na TalmhanCnaT
National Labour Party (Ireland)NLP
Clann na PoblachtaCnaP
National Progressive DemocratsNPD
Workers' Party of IrelandWP
Anti H-BlockAHB
Socialist Labour Party (Ireland)SLP
Progressive DemocratsPD
Green Party (Ireland)GP
Democratic Socialist Party (Ireland)DSP
Democratic Left (Ireland)DL
Socialist Party (Ireland)SP
People Before Profit AlliancePBP

Ok now check out my TD Exhibit which I blogged about here.

Monday 5 July 2010

Irish Political Parties numbers of TDs in Dail stack chart

View it full/wide screen View large static image

Data Spreadsheet

Updated this with 1922 to 2007 figures. Made this to see if politics was diversifying or FF stranglehold on the country continues.

If you want to add the numbers for earlier years you can go ahead and enter them here
Info Government of Ireland

Oh heres the complete data I need, Dail Eireann election summary.

As always constantly trying to see which service does it better. That stack chart isn't very good, it doesn't display the years right,ie the length of the governments...,which mirror its makeup. Although i like that its shaded in and you can show percentage to keep the shape even as Dail numbers change. Im going to make Google Fusion Time Series, a Timeplot and Tableau Public version. I think Timeplot will do the job best but take longer. Come back later.

In response to my tweets was pointed to two other similar Dail Charts.

House A very well made java applet(made in 2006) which shows the make up of Dail since 1918, its shows a colored bar chart, government parties, majorities and seats loses and gains, which you can play in a slideshow.


guthanphobail.net An Irish language page with stats and charts back to 1982 and the latest referendums. Very detailed java charts showing counts and transfer of the all the candidates not just the winners.

Next the rate of change of tds over the years, that'll take some work...

Ok now check out my TD Exhibit which I blogged about here.