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Sunday 11 March 2018

The Taoiseach's or Leader of Fine Gael's weekly video messages?

Theres some confusion over the Taoiseach Weekly Messages's that now come in video form but previously came as text when written by Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Some think the Leo Varadkar should not use the Taoiseach office or governments buildings or jets as the backdrop to his videos if they are being put out by Fine Gael, but perhaps its because they didn't notice before, and its not as obvious that these messages were 'written' from the Taoiseach's desk and sent out via a Fine Gael newsletter for years and then more recently on Facebook.

Leo Varadkar may have been suceeded in more people seeing these messages but then he has also created a problem for himself who are these messages from and for?

Fianna Fail have criticised it and have been both melodramatic and not articulated the problem with it
Taoiseach under fire for using Government jet and employees to film 'party political videos'
Kevin Doyle October 4

Dáil debates Tuesday, 3 October 2017
Michael Martin
While he did not make himself available here to talk about the summit, he managed to bring a party person with him to take videos of him on the Government jet and at a meeting at the Irish Embassy in Tallinn. These videos were first published on the Fine Gael website; clearly, therefore, they have no official status. Does the Taoiseach think this type of party politicisation of a Government event is acceptable? While his personal obsession with media management is clear, why did he decide to break from the practice of his predecessors and use formal European Union business for purely party political purposes? There is an important distinction to be made in the Taoiseach attending summit meetings on behalf of the people as head of Government, not as the leader of a mere political party.
Dáil debates Wednesday, 4 October 2017
Leo Varadkar
On the two videos referred by Deputy Micheál Martin, one from Baldonnel and the other from the Irish Embassy in Tallinn, I checked both yesterday and neither of them contains any political content. The content is entirely about the business and work of the day - my work as Taoiseach. but in order to allay the Deputy's concerns, in the future I will post them on merrionstreet.iebefore they are posted on any other account. I am not sure that will make any difference in practice, but if it will help to allay the Deputy's concerns, I am happy to make the change.

So yes why were they posted from the Fine Gael facebook page first?

I don't see that he has published any of these update video on merrionstreet subsequently.

Even the government World Cup Rugby bid video that featured Independent Minister Shane Ross was posted from te Fine Gael facebook site.

Leo Vardakar featured a visit to North Strand Fire Station in his post Storm Emma weekly video, it was a mistake for the Dublin Fire Brigade to take the video and tweet it out themselves because of the Fine Gael logos and invitation to join at the end.

Some welcome these messages as a sort of weekly address like the President of the United States does but these videos often feature content that is specifically addressed at Fine Gael members. When even communications experts are getting confused maybe its time to change your approach.

Taoiseach Weekly Message Showing Taoiseach's weekly newsletter going back to 2011.

Its also a bit obstinate that Leo Vardakar never changed his @campaignforleo twitter handle but Im sure he loves that when anybody wants to tweet at him they have to include "campaignforleo", Im aware many things we might see as mistakes he may well have done on purpose.

I know the Taoiseach is still the leader of his party but these videos aren't clear, the Taoiseach should continue his weekly videos but they should be published via government/Merrionstreet and the deputy leader or chairman of Fine Gael can address the party.