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Friday 24 November 2017

Irish News Media Corrections Policies

Independent: corrections@independent.ie Corrections usually seperate notices not linked to article. Has press Council Notice and corrections notice.
Irish Times Has readersrep@irishtimes.com which occasionally responds to readers concerns but they don't advertise it. Has Press Council notice but no corrections policy note in paper. Mostly stealth corrections. [Time stamp shows update]
Times Ireland: feedback@thetimes.co.uk Corrections below articles and on Corrections Page Editorial Complaints Info page with complaints policy mostly refering to UK edition.
Irish Examiner: feedback@examiner.ie Has Press Council notice but no corrections policy note in paper.
theJournal.ie: Corrections form at bottom of each article. Corrections below articles.
RTE.ie News newsonline@rte.ie intermittingly replies to readers concerns.
Irish Daily Mail: Doesn't have a full Irish website. corrections@dailymail.ie Corrections usually appear on top of page 2. Has both Corrections and Press Council notice.
Sunday Business Post: Email info@sbpost.ie and editor@sbpost.ie {Need to buy paper version to check]
Irish Mirror: Complaints Policy Corrections and Clarifications. Part of the Trust Project, What it means for readers

If you notice a factual inaccuracy on the www.irishmirror.ie website that does not directly relate to you, please email ftr@mirror.co.uk
Irish Sun: Editorial complaints Corrections and Clarifications Page UK only? Has Press Council notice but no corrections policy note in paper.
Irish Daily Star Doesn't have a full website. No corrections policy note in paper.

Most papers have a Press Council notice few have their own corrections notice.

Irish TimesNoYesYesPoorNo
Times IrelandYesYesNoPoorUK?
Irish ExaminerNoYesYesPoorNo
Irish Daily MailYesYes-?No
Sunday Business Post?No-?No
Irish MirrorYesYes??Yes?
Irish SunNoNo??Yes
Irish Daily StarNoNo-?No
*In my opinion.

The Trust Project An international consortium of news organizations collaborating to use transparency to build a more trustworthy and trusted press.
Trust Project Indicators
The eight core indicators are:

Best Practices: What Are Your Standards? Who funds the news outlet? What is the outlet’s mission? Plus commitments to ethics, diverse voices, accuracy, making corrections and other standards.
Author Expertise: Who Reported This? Details about the journalist who wrote the story, including expertise and other stories they have worked on.
Type of Work: What Is This? Labels to distinguish opinion, analysis and advertiser (or sponsored) content from news reports.
Citations and References: For investigative or in-depth stories, greater access to the sources behind the facts and assertions.
Methods: Also for in-depth stories, information about why reporters chose to pursue a story and how they went about the process.
Locally Sourced? Lets people know when the story has local origin or expertise.
Diverse Voices: A newsroom’s efforts to bring in diverse perspectives.
Actionable Feedback: A newsroom’s efforts to engage the public’s help in setting coverage priorities, contributing to the reporting process, ensuring accuracy and other areas.
I think linking to availabe source documents is the most important of these trust increasing measures.

Stealth corrections: When news media make corrections without noting them.

Radio and TV corrections policies?

The Press Council/Press Ombudsman is very slow, conservative and lame and complaining to them is often self defeating, (they recently ruled that headlines don't have to be true ) Newspapers often offer a right of reply, but its not our job to do theirs properly.

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