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Saturday 12 April 2014

Fingal Budget

Fingal Budget

Fingal Budget webcast
Fingal open Data

Council budget meeting postponement blasted Decmeber 2013

Council Budgets delayed from december to january because government still decided re Irish Water budgets with statutory period running out days later.

Fingal County Council 2014 Budget passed tonight 17 votes to 6 votes January 2014

Councillor Ruth Coppinger's statement on Budget

Draft Annual Budget 2014

Fingal Budget on OpenSpending

Fingal Council Data tema have worked to provide the data behind this treemap on open spending.org

Fingal Budget Income and Expenditure .csv on Fingal Data

Fingal Annual Budget 2013 .pdf

Fingal Budget 2013 Sankey Diagram

^probably wrong^
Data for Sankey

IBM Many Eyes - Drill-down Stack Graph of budget over 4 years. (yes its java, but its IBM, update, allow, trust.)

fingal budget 2 cat stack graph Many Eyes

Data for Stack Graph

Local Government Fund

Local Goverment Fund


Another good website by publicpolicy.ie (funded by Atlantic Philantrophies) which shows how much council spend on each service per person and where it gets its income from and then you can compare different councils to each other they also provide the data they used.

Cormac O'sullivan writes about Building Local Authority Finances.com, he mentions "The budget for Dublin City Council goes beyond the required statutory budget tables to provide additional analysis of the source and use of income for each division", I'll jave to look into that to improve my sankey maybe try one for Dublin, designed again by Brightspark

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