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Monday 13 October 2014

Howth Malahide Local Election 2014 Results and Spending

Media Coverage of Results

RTE RTE Election Results Gone already Howth Malahide.

Independent.ie Elections, Results/2014/ Independent.ie hired a Data Scientist Mick Kerrigan who oversaw the creation of an app for its reportors to upload results to its website and then charts to display the results, they claimed the would be the fastest which they may have been but all the media orgs that uploaded results online, its was only the 1st and 2nd counts that went up the quickly and then as counts went on late into the night they weren't all updated. Independent.ie Howth Malahide Results

TV3 Focused on TV coverage for the day of the results.

Election results from TheJournal.ie Summary of all results when they were finished. Irish Examiner Irish Examiner 2014 Howth Malahide on Irish Examiner

Irish Times Election Coverage IT Fingal Results
Gavan Reilly political correspondent for Today FM Radio set up and let us see his spreadsheet of results as he updated them from the European Parliament elections count.

Howth Malahide Results

Fianna Fail17.7218.5+0.78
Fine Gael22.9720.7-2.27
Sinn Fein2.8712.19.23
Non party/Independent17.5930.1+12.51

Howth Malahide % difference first pref 2009 to 2014 Lab -16% (= COC%), FG -2% Ind +12% SF +10% GP -1% FF +1% SP -5%


Fingal Council on Politics.ie
Howth Malahide on Politics.ie
Results Spreadsheet

2014 local elections: The stats by DNM Analytics.

Hogan signs Local Elections Polling Day & Spending Limits Orders 24/03/14 Howth Malahide Electorate: 42,532 so spending limit is €13,000.

The totals of expenses declared for the Howth Malahide area.

They may be mistakes was unable to triple check the info as it was collected while a council staff member had to sit there and do nothing but supervise the noting down of the figures from paper candidate submitted statements of expenses. Compared to 2009 the spending is much lower, is this recession elections or have I not included the party spending money properly? I noted down each candidates own resources spending as well as their party spending but not all the percentages agreed.

The Local Government Management Agency with Ostia solutions created localgov.ie. Local Election results delivered as Open Data in 1 week Local Election results delivered as Open Data in 1 week

LGMA Local Election Results The Irish Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) planned to deliver the 2014 local election results to the internet in multiple downloadable formats as part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative. However due to budget and time constraints they decided to shelve the project. The local election requirement came to light while LGMA and Ostia were discussing other OGP projects – just a week before the election date. Ostia offered, on the spot, to prove their claim of ‘data from anywhere, here now’!
The Local Government Management Agency LGMA tweeted from @LocalElects2014 providing XML JSON CSV as the results came in unfortunately their Count Centre display on the night was very frustrating, not showing all the results on one page and slow to refresh, it wasn't impossible to have a mental overview of the results. Maybe this was to be used as literal count centre display on TV screens, but there no other easy way to look at the results, downloading and redownloading .csv files of the latest results is cumbersome too. Obviously they had no time to test it with outside users, as usual with government ICT projects they never tell people what they are doing, just launch things and then the surprised when they don't quite get expected response. Ostia Solutions announces delivery of real time election results for Irish Local Election 2014 Still not sure how they did it, how they got the information from the counts into a system to then output.

Local Election results delivered as Open Data in 1 week Reuse of Irish election data spurs open source Count Visualization (from @Anamates) Chord Diagram of Party Transfers Preference Votes Total Party Vote The essential electionsireland.org.

Conference reports Conference reports were also looked at these are also not available online, and investigated by the Irish Independent can be of poor quality. The conference reports inspected on water charges and local government were very general describing how the conference were excellent and informative, justifying their travel or expense but did not really pass on any information that might be useful to other councillors.

Declaration of Ethics The Declaration of ethics/Declaration of interests for most councillors were nill, merely mentioning jobs or houses owned with family or directorships in community facilities that they have as a councillor.

Donations statements Only donations for 2013 available, all nill.

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