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Thursday 4 June 2015

Oireachtas All / Cross Party and 'Friends of' Groups

In the UK these groups are much more formal and have to be registered All-Party Groups - UK Parliament in Ireland its hard to find out any information abou them or who is in them, were these groups mentioned in the registration lobbying or regulations? are they to be listed? I made a spreadsheet of all I could find which of any of these are active? who is in them?

all / cross party groups

Mental Health
Penal Reform
Undocumented Irish in the United States
Patient Support Group
Sexual and reproductive health
Dublin Monaghan bombings
Alcohol abuse
Human dignity group
Northern Ireland
Childens rights
Supports in Mainstream School for Children with Down's syndrome
European Association for African politicians AWEPA

friends of

Oireachtas Friends of Palestine Group
Oireachtas Friends of Israel
The Oireachtas 'Friends of Science'
Friends of Dementia
Friends of Sport Group

ad hoc

all-party cross-border group of Oireachtas and Assembly members dealing with the crisis in Quinn Insurance Ltd
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
Direct Provision
Electoral reform


Consultation Group on Commemorations

Lobbying Register

Ireland now has a lobbying register only one body associated with a Oireachtas Group is listed with them so far Mental Health Reform, a company who campaign about Mental Health and provide the All Party group on Mental Health with a secretariat.


Is there any regulation of their funding?

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