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Saturday 6 October 2018

Joan Freeman wants to threaten the government

April 28th 2018 Joan Freeman discusses plan to threaten the Taoiseach with now her campaign manager Richard Mulcahy on The Last 168 Hours 29th April 2018 Dublin City FM at 54 minutes

Also she hoped to meet Taoiseach at the end of May 2017? Richard Mulcahy suggested drafting an email that people could send to their TDs, he also said together "they would do something about it", does that mean run for president with a loan from a multilevel marketer?

Joan Freeman says you need to threaten the government if you need anything done. Friday Forum with Brian Fox Dublin South FM May 19, 2018 at 33 minutes. Says she didn't know what a Senator did.

RTE Today radio interview
Says she thought of the presidency before becoming a Senator.

Joan Freeman told Daily Mail in January that she wasn't right person for the Presidency as she doesn't have a legal or political background and it would not allow her to pursue her vocation and campaign for campaigning improvements.


2006 Pieta House established in Lucan.

2008 Freeman founded the annual fund-raising event Darkness into Light

April 2013 Speaks at Fianna Fail Ard Fheis.

2014 Freeman resigned from Pieta House in 2014 in order to concentrate on developing Solace House, a similar charity based in New York City.

2015 Solace House established in New York.

May 2016 Joan Freeman appointed Senator by Taoiseach Enda Kenny on the suggestion of Michael Martin.

November 2016 The 95 Project launches.

December 2016 Mental Health (Amendment) Bill 2016 initiated in Dail

May 2017 Criticses Tasoieach over not keeping mental health budget 35million budget increase

July 2017 Second Interim Report on Mental Health

October 2017 Senator Freeman made Chair of Committee on the Future of Mental Healthcare

November 2017 Launches Solace House New York

December 2017 Committee on the Future of Mental Healthcare publishes first Interim Report.

January 2018 Joan Freeman appears on LateLate Show Richard Mulcahy informs her main campaign loan funder Des Walsh.

2018 Des Walsh donates 50,000 to Solace House.

February 2018 Mental Health (Amendment) Bill 2016 completes Seanad stages.

March 2018 Joan Freeman signs lease for second Solace House New York.

April 2018 Second Interim Report on Mental Health

April 2018 Joan Freeman radio interview with her now campaign manager Richard Mulcahy.

July 2018 Reports of Joan Freeman seeking presidency.

September 2018 Solace House opens second location in Yonkers

Oct 2018 Committee on the Future of Mental Health Care publishes final report

September 2018 Des Walsh gives Joan Freeman a loan of 120,000 for her presidential campaign.

Make Community Mental Health Care Available 24/7 Uplift 27th April 2018

Joan Freeman election campaign staff
Richard Mulcahy Campaign Manager
Natasha Fennell Stillwater PR

Parliamentary Activities Allowance during 2017
Why is StillWater listed under
Categories of expenditure
(a) the provision of technical or specialist advice likely to be required in connection with legislative proposals or potential parliamentary initiatives;

and not

(d) the provision of consultant services, including the engagement of public relations services;

PAA returns 2017 Senators

Parliamentary Activities Allowance during 2016
PAA returns 2016 Senators
Stillwater calls itself a Communications Consultancy Services so why not that put that down under Category "(d) the provision of consultant services, including the engagement of public relations services; "

Since 2011 Stillwater Communciations worked with Pieta House and Darkness into Light.

Stillwater Communications Pieta House and Darkness into Light Electric Ireland Review Pieta told Stillwater communications to Position Joan Freeman as the lead expert on suicide in Ireland. Why would anyone do that you either are the lead expert or you are not.

Electric Ireland has been title sponsor of Pieta House’s flagship fundraising event, Darkness Into Light, since 2013

Natasha Fennell of Stillwater Commmunications used to be director of fund-raising for Fianna Fail

How many millionaires?

Tuam’s secret millionaire a hit with viewersby Martina Nee Galway Advertiser, Thu, Sep 22, 2011
Pieta House in Lucan was the recipient of the largest sum of money, €25,000.
Richard Mulcahy The Secret Millionaire RTE 2011

Des Walsh
JP McManus

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