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Friday 10 August 2007

Google mapping for activism: Tara Valley

To use for the public to make sense of the whole area. I have included everything here, the sites at Tara and the old and new motorways and the towns and rail in the wider area to see where the motorway would be servicing. Its surprising and disappointing there isn't a higher quality satellite photo on google earth (or anywhere else) the Tara area is very low res but you can see its place in the country better.

You can view these in Google Maps at a click of button but best to have or download Google Earth to view them properly and be able to turn on and off layers. People can add placemarks for points of interest using googlearth or mymaps and I can further refine the maps. I'd particularly like help defining the Tara demesne.

Take a minute to get a google loging if you haven't already got one and you can quickly be sketching details of archaeological sites onto a overview of Tara and Meath.

Tara hill and M3 (everything)

This is everything I've traced and marked Tara Skyrne... M3/N2/N3... roads... towns... archaeological sites.. dig sites along the M3... existing road and planned interchanges...existing rail and possible stations.

This is large file and cluttered so I broke it up so people can view it on googlemaps.

The 10 NRA route options and Tara

The blue route was chosen.

Tara hill and M3 motorway(basic).

The motorway being rebuilt from Dublin to Cavan.

Motorway, bypasses and interchanges in white and blue.

The Tara earthworks and dig sites along the proposed motorway.

Royal City of Tara (see Could someone define the Tara Landscape).

Tara Physcial

Earthworks, Sites River roads hills and Topo lines around tara. Plus Bru Na boinne Heritage enclosure for comparison.

Tara and Roads.Tara and M3 N3 N2 proposed M3 and interchanges, tolling points towns and possible rail path.

Meath Rail options. Disused track and possible new stations.

Old trackways and working line from Drogheda Navan still exist.

Bru Na boinne Basics to compare the UNESCO heritage park and protective buffer zone.

You could use Panoramio to place your on Google satellite maps see my Panoramio site for examples. Also turn on geographic web layer in GE to see an examples.

Photos of onsite by Muireann
Photos by Michael Martin from the site and Camp

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