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Saturday 11 August 2007

Tara: Rath Luth Media Links

Ongoing report of activists camped at Rath Lugh on Indymedia.ie

An interview with Dr. Conor Newman - Head of Archaeology for this project. He discusses the impact of the destruction done to the Wooden Henge at Lismullen, and the possible damage that will be caused to the rath at Rath Lugh.

Call for Donga for Rathlugh- This is a short video showing the ongoing destruction on this beautiful woodland within the rath at Rath Lugh, a national monument in the Tara Skryne more... Valley. It is important to highlight that the whole structure including glacial slide is under severe threat if the dozers take the side of this monument.

Interview with J.P. Fay - Here is a short video interview with J.P. Fay, an independent activist who has been working on an alternative route for the proposed M3. He more... discusses some of the blatant disregard to our heritage and talks about the effects it will have on future generations to come.

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